Our Story

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Hi, first of all, thanks for visiting this page. This page is all about me – Noor Alam (Founder of Noor Jee). You will get exciting things about my life.

About Noor Jee:

Success is all about taking new initiatives. I started developing Noor Jee in the year 2020. At that time, I was providing training on Master of Science (Physics). Meanwhile, I thought, why not to spread my knowledge to the world. So I started developing Noor Jee on HTML. At that time, i used my Web Design Skills, and i added some description about the page and put it on the website. After that, I have achieved many things and learned a lot.

Why I started the Noor Jee:

If you try to help others, God will help you surely. A student from another teacher came to me and said, Sir I asked for the notes (PDF) from the Sir (Don’t want to mention any name) to my sir and he scolded me. I told him not to worry, we are nothing; we haven’t made Physics, we are just delivering the things in a better way. I will put all my notes on the web, you people can learn from there. It was just to help the students. I was unaware of any kind of business.

Why Noor Jee Name:

I searched a lot of good names on the web, but all were registered. Since I and my friends were already running our own educational institution. whose name is Noor Jee Classes, So I thought there should be something name like this. That is why I have named Noor Jee. and checked on the net if it is registered or not. Thankfully, It was not registered. So, I registered this domain. In my opinion, name doesn’t matter too much, work matters a lot. I thought, if I could work better to the existing site, it will be famous one day. And, thank God, now all students know about it.

About Me

What to say about myself, I don’t know. I am a simple guy from childhood, keen to learn new things and implement new ideas. Never worried about what I don’t have. What I have is the best thing.


If you play sports, you fail sometimes, and it teaches you keep going. In childhood, I was enjoying playing games like I Spy, Lattu (spinning top), Flying kite, Gilli Danda, Badminton, Ludo and marble (kancha). After the 12th, I left everything, because I was out of home. Because i focused my whole time my education, so I became the career-oriented guy.


You can’t get success without struggle, determination, hard work and decision-making ability. I don’t want to specify my struggle here because, in the end, result matters.

Future Aspect:

I always think: “It’s just a beginning”. I have to achieve more. I want to see my growth endless. It’s not my dream to touch the sky, I want to go beyond the sky. Finally, I would like to say, It’s just the beginning.

Belief in God:

I have a strong belief in the existence of God. I think we are made of energy. One day, we will lose our energy (Aatma in Hindi).

About Success:

Everybody has different thoughts on Success. What are the key points to get successful? Luck! May be but not all the time. There are a lot of factors that makes a person successful: positive thinking nature, your goal: you must know what do you have to do in life, decision-making ability, your working nature in setback and failures, time management: what are you doing now and what will you do in future, ready to take risks, and innovative ideas. Being ideal defines your success.

At the end:

Death is the bitter truth of life and it is the universal truth. But, before this, I have to do something inspiring, and be an ideal.

Md. Noor Alam
Educator & Developer